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Andreas Andika

Andreas Andika


Andreas Andika is a DJ, producer edm, and remixer originating from Jakarta, Indonesia. His journey was started from being a clubbers, enjoying his nightlife and then joined an Event Organizer. Loving the sound of electronic dance music, he started to learn to be a DJ since 2012. Getting a chance to play at some famous clubs in Indonesia made him really love his profession, to entertain and play music for others is an honor that can not be felt by everyone.
Music is his life and being a true entertainer is his goal. Electronic dance music makes he feels alive, and EDM is the right music to pour his emotion through the beats. DJ Andreas Andika has his own character in playing his music such as electro house and progressive house. For him, playing music is not about how you play it, its about how the music means to you and to express the music to other people and make them fall in love with it. And the most important point of being a performer is to make the crowd to feel it and make them to dance their soul out.
However you name, it, it’s all about the music and emotion, energy and fun! [EDM Mean]



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Resident in: Jakarta