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Born in 1988.
he grew up in Saudi arabia where electronic music almost did not exist.
at an early age he was influenced by Depeche mode, Pink Floyd.
while the music scene in Saudi arabia is R&b, Arabic music, Pop.
he got more into Electronic music in depth, forming
an electronic music community by hosting small gigs, privet parties constantly.
and interducing his musical taste to the crowds.
it was then he discovered his passion for Electronic music.

Musical Genres:
B.twist describes his style of music to be “Deep” and “Dark”. Others have echoed his sentiments,
Of the music Basel plays, he is known to perform his own Production and edited versions of various sounds.
It falls under the The Genres Tribal/ Progressive and Oriental elements.

Rather than any particular genre or musical groups, Basel says that
his brand of dark house is influenced more by dark experiences and atmospheres
he was influenced by Dj Vibe, admiring his passion and
live sets at Stereo Afterhours (Montreal) in 2002-2008.

B.twist Preformed at many privet partys in Saudi arabia, Syria,
BeachClub Montreal, Stereo Afterhours Bar, Nai, Cube Jordan and on Radios such as FriskyRadio,
Proton Radio, Insonicfm Insomniafm, Purefm, and other local Radios.

Supported by Steve Lawler, Dj Vibe, Subject English ,Behrouz, Hernan Cattaneo, Luca Ricci and many others.